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Jelena Kecmanovic, PhD–Dr K.

Expert psychologist, writer, professor, speaker

Putting science into practice.

Offering in-person therapy at my Arlington (Courthouse), VA office and virtual therapy to residents of VA, DC, Maryland, and 38 other states. 



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If you're looking for a therapist who is

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What sets me apart?

I am a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) expert with over 30 years of experience in psychotherapy, teaching, presenting, and writing. I also work as an Adjunct Professor at the Georgetown University Psychology Department.

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CNN Health

How to stop lashing out when you’re hurting.

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The Washington Post

Social anxiety can be limiting. There are ways to get relief.

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Aeon’s Psyche
How to deal with regret.

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Compassionate, science-based therapy

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I believe in creating an accepting, safe space where we can explore problems. And I believe in using scientifically proven techniques to bring about desired changes. Beginning with a deep understanding of your struggles, needs, and goals, we will collaboratively work on increasing insight, altering mindset, and transforming life.

My work is informed by dozens of years devoted to practicing and teaching psychotherapy, as well as being involved in cutting-edge psychological science. The mental health field is always evolving and I am committed to lifelong learning to stay abreast of new research and treatment methods. This allows me to bring the latest behavioral science advancements to my clients.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

  • Backed by five decades of clinical trials with real patients showing it to be the best available and drug-free approach for most psychological problems

  • Active, solution-focused, collaborative

  • Focuses on developing skills for coping with difficult emotions and for changing unhelpful patterns of thinking and behavior


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My individual therapy services include work with college students, young adults, adults, and older adults.

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This program offers an advanced approach to treating phobias and OCD on an outpatient basis, featuring several extended sessions each week.

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As your health coach, my mission is to guide you toward achieving your health goals efficiently and sustainably. 

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