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Individual Therapy 

Dr K in her office

If you're looking for a therapist who is

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Areas of Expertise

Anxiety & Worry

· Free-floating anxiety
· Worry and rumination
· Social anxiety
· Health anxiety
· Public speaking fear

· Performance anxiety
· Panick attacks
· Phobias

Stress Management for High Performers

· Burnout
· Work-life balance
· Physical signs of stress
· Uncertainty intolerance

· Interpersonal problems
· Anger
· Attention and focus issues
· Unhealthy perfectionism

Existential Concerns

· Life transitions
· Midlife and older-age concerns
· Menopause-related issues

· Finding meaning and purpose
· Death anxiety
· Cross-cultural adjustment

Sleep Problems

· Insomnia
· Nightmares
· CPAP adjustment

Free Initial Consultation

I always start with a 30-min initial consultation, in-person or virtually, which is free of charge or commitment. This allows us to assess whether I would be a good fit for your needs and preferences.

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Payments & Insurance

Payment is due at the time of service in the form of credit card or check. 
You also can use a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA). 


My psychotherapy services qualify for patient reimbursement under most insurance out-of-network plans.

It is your choice whether to use insurance to reimburse you for therapy. I will provide you a detailed receipt

that includes all the information needed to submit a claim to your insurance. 


To check your reimbursement, please contact your insurance carrier directly and inquire:

  1. How much are my “out-of-network” benefits for psychotherapy provided by a psychologist?(The CPT code for a typical 50-minute individual session is 90834.)

  2. Is there an out-of-network deductible? If so, has it been met?

  3. How do I submit my claim?

I will be happy to discuss any questions you might have about this process. Please contact me with any inquiries or concerns.

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