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In The Media

Dr K. In The Media


  • Dr. K was interviewed on National Public Radio’s Morning Edition in a segment titled:  

        “TikTok to limit the time teens can be on the app. Will safeguards help protect them?”

  • Psychotherapy Networker Live – Dr. K was interviewed for Psychotherapy Networker Live on October 6. She discussed her recent article, “Fear of exposure therapy,” how she developed her psychotherapy approach, and related topics. The interview was live-streamed on LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

  • Dr. K was a guest on WAMU 88.5, discussing how to approach New Year’s resolutions in a realistic and achievable way.

Stuck at Home: How to satisfy humanity's urge to roam?

  • The New York Times – He Broke Out of Quarantine for 8 Seconds and Got a $3,550 Fine. Around the world, flouting coronavirus regulations can have expensive consequences.


  • Ryan Jespersen’s show on Canada’s CHED Radio – Are we living in the age of anxiety?

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